Flyboarding and Hoverboard in Ayia Napa

Flyboarding is the newest water sport. It became very popular two years ago and it is hitting also Ayia Napa! Would you do this while in Napa? Flyboard is the most exciting water sport out there, boosting the adrenaline to levels that are unreachable by nature. If you are visiting Ayia Napa this summer you have to do it. This is experience you will never forget and all your friends will be impressed! Limited number of people will be able to do it every day. Book your place by by calling: +357 96490439, +357 9912198. ARE YOU READY TO FLY? Give it a shot, or two 😉 10 Euros off the price for Ayia Napa 2015 MVP members!
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Safety is with highest priority while Flyboarding. You will be given the latest technology personal water crafts and safety equipment (life jackets and helmets). The instructors are professional Flyboarders with instructor certificates.

The Flyboard is a water propelled device that allows the user to fly above water, to dive in and out of the water to perform multiple freestyle tricks. The Flyboard attaches to PWC (personal water craft) which gives propulsion trough air and water.

It was invented by Franky Zapata (world champion jet ski racer) in 2011 and now is the fasted growing extreme sport in the world. Flyboarding Cyprus are the official instructors and distributors of Zapata Racing in Cyprus!

The Hoverboard by Franky Zapata is a mix between surf board and skate board that attaches to a PWC (Personal WaterCraft) that gives the Hoverbaord propulsion through air. Invented in 2014 by Franky Zapata!

Flyboarding and Hoverboarding lessons will be available in Ayia Napa and Protaras.

Try it yourself!

Book your Flyboard lesson by calling: +357 96490439, +357 99121981