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– Using our online booking system is simple and secure. To proceed with your booking please make sure you have a PayPal account or valid Debit/Credit card.
– By purchasing MyNapaBand Wristbands you agree to our terms and conditions.
– We have the right to use your email address for promotional purposes for the company and its subsidiaries (Ayia Napa special offers).
– Details on this website are kept as accurate as possible, but MyNapaBand cannot be held responsible for any errors, subsequent alterations or inconvenience arising from them.
– Visitors are advised that for technical, operational and other reasons beyond our control, any activities, attractions or bars may be closed or otherwise unavailable at any time.

MyNapaBand Wristbands 2017
– Wristbands are only valid for the current year / season.
– The venues and deals involved are subject to change at any time.
– Wristbands are non-refundable and non-transferable.
– We provide 50% refund only if the holiday to Ayia Napa is canceled and prove is presented to us. Refunds via PayPal.
– Collection point in Ayia Napa is Club ICE Lounge.